EDP contract negotiation support

The Challenge

Striking a deal that maximises effective discount, minimises commitment, and meets other business objectives, is difficult for those who have not observed what's possible in commercial deals with hyper-scale cloud providers.

Without familiarity with the deal process and modelling of your own IT footprint on cloud, it is all too easy to miss out on savings or over-commit to spend.


The Solution

Goldiserv can work with your sourcing team to suggest ways to improve the effective discount and model the financial impact of various discount levers.

Our staff have worked on dozens of AWS EDP deals and have been on both sides of the table - previously working for AWS and now working on behalf of our customers. We are familiar with available programs, typical discounts achieved, deal-attributes valuable to AWS, and how to build financial models that accurately account for overlap of cross-service discounts, programs and credits, and in-platform discounts.

Customer Impact

For one communications SaaS provider, Goldiserv was engaged to help the client understand what's likely to be achieved, through which discount levers, and to build a spreadsheet model to help clarify the effective discount received.

In this engagement, Goldiserv addressed double-counting of discounts that existed in a prior model and helped the customer achieved a +4% additional effective discount over what they were initially offered.

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