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Goldiserv consultants are independent results-focused specialists in Cloud Financial Management (FinOps). We have 6 years' of FinOps consulting experience covering 300 customer engagements.

Services provided include:

Cost Optimisation

Improve margins and unlock IT budget through cloud savings.
We typically find 20% to 50% in savings and realise 30% of what's found, within one month.
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Cost Visibility

Understand spend vs budget, changes in spend, and cost efficiency at a team/app level.
We can set up cloud dashboards providing real-time cost insight & anomaly detection, and work with you to overcome cost allocation challenges.
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EDP contract negotiation support

Maximise effective discount and simplify the negotiation process.
We can help you understand where discounts can come from, what to watch out for, and model various scenarios.
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Holistic FinOps Governance

Maximise cloud value and agility while staying efficient and within budget & forecast.
We can work with you to develop a FinOps governance framework and implementation plan.
Relevant for orgs with C‑suite support to improve how cloud spend is governed.
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