About us

Who we are

Goldiserv's founder, Peter, worked at AWS for 4 years, leading the APAC Cloud Financial Management Function, where he had the opportunity to work with hundreds of customers one-to-one.

In guiding customers on their commercial maturity journey, Peter provided tailored prescriptive guidance to C-level, finance, procurement, business, and IT teams via workshops and analysis;
resulting in millions in savings and net-new ability to budget and forecast cloud spend.

Founded in 2020, Goldiserv continues to deliver customer results as an independent consulting organisation.

Our principles

We place our customers' interests first, tailor our advice to the situation, and are upfront about where we cannot help.

We're not interested in staying in a customer long-term and believe “teaching to fish” is the path to long-term success for both Goldiserv and its customers.

We strive to deliver tangible results for our customers.

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